About WebcomicX


WebcomicX is a free open source content management system (CMS) made specifically for publishing your webcomics online. It’s lightweight with only the bare minimum feature need for maintaining your comic.


There are plenty Linux particularly PHP and MySQL based content management systems for webcomics. But none made for a windows server nor could I find one that didn’t require a database. Not having a database means that it is easier to set up--it will work right of the box it’s also potentially cheaper to maintain since you don't have to pay for a separate database.


Since WebcomicX is a CMS designed for webcomics you can be sure each and every feature is there to make your webcomic better. Core features include:


Customization options are available rather you are a web developer have some knowledge html or you have html knowledge at all. You can choose your theme and customize it, select comment plugins and add widgets. Add your own pages if the theme you’re using doesn’t have the webpage you need

Character Management

Easily add and manage character bios for your comic so your readers can get to know its characters better.

Comic Archive Organization

Organize the comics into collections in your archives making it easier for your readers find what they want to read.

Search Engine Optimization

WebcomicX uses the latest in HTML5 providing caption for your webcomic to help search engines index it. This is also perfect for screen readers allowing you to add a transcript for each page making your webcomic more accessible.


Use its simple blogging platform or link your blog on a separate site so that you can communicate with your readers.

Check out a live demo of WebcomicX or get your comic featured in the WebcomicX showcase coming soon by sending me a direct message on twitter @SheldonLloyd22.

You can stay up to date on the latest news and releases by following the WebcomicX blog.

Contribute to WebcomicX

If you would like to contribute to WebcomicX there are a number of ways that you can rather you are a developer or user.

If you find a bug, issue, or have a feature request you can use the discussion section below. If you are developer or designer one of the best ways you can contribute is to fork WebcomicX on GitHub. You can also create themes and plugins for WebcomicX and send a link for the GitHub repository to me @SheldonLloyd22 with the hashtag #WebcomicXPlugin or #WebcomicXTheme.

For further details on contributing please check out the getting started guide and/or the readme.